How to setup surveillance system for your home and office- Solution with Synology

How to setup surveillance system for your home and office- Solution with Synology

May 9, 2018 0 By admin
Nick Jheng From Synology

Nick Jheng – Sales Account Manager – Synology

Since I had reviewed the Synology DISKSTATION DS218J NAS product, our readers have sent queries about Synology NAS product and how people can install the product and used for the Surveillance system.

In a recent seminar of Synology in Dubai, I had the opportunity to speak to Nick Jheng – Sales Account Manager from Synology and put forward the same question to him.

So what are things required to set up a surveillance system for your home and office or even your warehouse?



To build up your own surveillance system, you require IP Camera, Router, NAS with Hard Drive (HDD). As for IP Camera, it can be wired or through Wi-Fi connected to the Router. We have own router Synology RT2600ac which you can use it via a network. So when you are setting up your Surveillance system via network – internet and web browser, you don’t need have all the products physically present in the same place.

Which means I am now in here in UAE for the Seminar and I have installed my NAS and Camera in my rent house in my hometown back in Taiwan. I just need to open my application here and see the situation there. Even you can setup advance event for example, as I am here and no one is supposed to be in my house, so in the event of a break-in I will get a notification on my smartphone via email or message or push notification with the screenshot of the footage. So even you are not there, it helps you to know what’s happened and it helps to secure your asset and environment and everything.

So Nick, as you have told me you have surveillance set up at your home and you can access it from your smartphone, do you need separate NAS drives for setup for your Home and as well as for your office or warehouse?

They don’t need to buy another NAS Drive for the warehouse, they need to enable the feature. . . Synology NAS has its own operating system called DSM which has a lot of application which has been created by in-house Synology team. And Surveillance Station is one of the application to manage multiple IP Cameras from one location. So you have your Synology NAS and you need to install the package which is free and comes with 2 or 3 licenses and if you need more then buy the extra licenses for your surveillance device.

How many cameras can your surveillance software support?

Synology NAS Drives

Synology NAS Drives

It depends on the model and hardware specifications which you have purchased, normal person like you and me for home and office usage, it can support 12 cameras and then if you want you can go for 40 cameras and highest and strongest one can support 90 IP Cameras in one single NAS and if you need more we have centralized management system which allows you to assign one NAS as the main server to control all the recording NAS servers. Our CMS system can manage 300 recording server and up to 5000 cameras at one single portal. No matter wherever are the recording machines, you can check the live view and control all the NAS and IP Camera through the Internet.

In short, what do you require for surveillance system?

You require IP Camera wired or through Wi-fi, a Router, NAS drive with Hard drive (HDD) to record and use DSM software which you can download free when you purchase the Synology product and maybe screen to monitor and you have app which you can download on your smartphone which you can control the surveillance system.

Some more details for our readers interested in setting up a Surveillance system and turning your Synology NAS into a Network Video Recorder for your business.

Recommended product:  DS918+ (max. IP camera connection: 40, scalable storage up to 9 bays with the expansion unit) – For businesses looking for a cost-effective solution for surveillance storage, a Synology NAS does the work perfectly. Not only can a Synology NAS serve as a backup destination or a file server for your business data, but users can turn the device into a network video recorder by installing Surveillance Station.

Outstanding compatibility: Supporting over 6000 IP camera models from 110+ brands, creating a security centre for your business is a simple work (learn more)

Powerful functionality: Surveillance Station supports desktop client, web browser, and mobile application for an instant live view and notification alerts. Businesses can set up pre-determined events and be notified or change streaming resolution automatically when such incidents are detected.

Centralized management: For large, multi-location deployment, you can set up a CMS with Surveillance Station — having a NAS managing and configuring all remote NAS’ setting and recording among different offices. (learn more)

IoT integration: With support for I/O modules and door controller, businesses can more effectively utilize action rules for instant incident reaction.

POS integration: By integrating with POS (point-of-sale) system, a business can view transaction details in live view and recording. (view tutorial)

Streamlined backup solution: For surveillance footage, Synology provides Archive Vault, a dedicated backup solution for surveillance footage.

Other recommended models for a Surveillance system

Router RT2600ac : (MSRP in UAE: 230USD excl. VAT) – this is the router that can be applied effectively for business or gaming purposes. Blazing-fast Wi-Fi with up to 2.53Gbps combined wireless bandwidth to supercharge your network. RT2600ac is a powerful wireless router for homes and small offices seeking to work and play smarter, featuring comprehensive VPN solutions, enhanced security, and flexible media and file sharing capabilities.

NVR1218: (MSRP in UAE: 230USD excl. VAT) – All-in-one and energy efficient private surveillance solution with HDMI output for PC-less installation and live to monitor. Built-In COM-Port for POS system integration. NVR1218 comes with 4 free licenses and supports up to 12 channels of 720p/30FPS camera streams with an additional purchase of surveillance licenses. Expandable storage capacity up to 7 HDDs with DX517

VS960HD(MSRP in UAE: 690USD excl. VAT) – VS960HD is an ultra-compact companion system offering features of Surveillance Station including live view and management tools. PC-less surveillance management system (requires a NAS or NVR). Monitoring up to 96 channels of surveillance camera live view on the screen.

VisualStation is the perfect alternative when facing limited space or budget constraints. Just plug in an Ethernet cable, connect to an LCD-monitor or TV, log in to Synology Surveillance Station — and you have a monitoring station for yourself.