HTC VIVE launches HTC VIVE Pro in partnership with Burj Khalifa (Emaar)

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HTC Vive-Pro at the Middle East Launch at Burj Khalifa on level 112

HTC Vive-Pro at the Middle East Launch at Burj Khalifa on level 112

11th April 2018: HTC VIVE invited the media to the famous iconic tallest building of the world #Burj Khalifa on the 112 level for the launch of the latest HTC VIVE Pro.

Raymond – VP of Product & Strategy,GM of Asia for HTC VIVE tooks us through a short presentation about history of HTC Company and how the HTC has been a leader in some of the products in the world.



“Today VR represents the convergence of technology with humanity, and that is unleashing human imagination in entirely new ways. When we step into VR, we step into a whole world which can truly change lives for the better. With more advancement systems like the Vive Pro, and together with strategic content and brand partners, we are now making the future more accessible to individual users, businesses and developers around the world,” said Raymond Pao, vice president of product & strategy and general manager of Asia at HTC VIVE

Ramit Harisinghani – VP and Head of HTC Middle and Africa introduced the HTC VIVE to the media with the video and spoke about the HTC products and how they have been leader in the VR field.



“We are elated to be showcasing the immersive power of VR to consumers and enterprises across the Middle East with the availability of the Vive Pro rolling out in the coming months. Our goal has always been to offer the most premium VR platform available, and the endorsement of such technologies by brands such as Burj Khalifa promises to make VR more accessible while expanding the potential for local developers,” added Ramit Harisinghani, vice president and head of Middle East & Africa at HTC Vive.



Followed by Daniel Khayat, Head of Product and Viveport at HTC Middle East & Africa later came and explained about the new HTC VIVE Pro product and advancement done in the product and followed by experiencing the HTC VIVE Pro.

Partnership between HTC VIVE and Burj Khalifa



The regional launch took place during the celebration of a new strategic partnership between HTC Vive and Burj Khalifa, held at the exclusive Burj Level 112 within the global icon in Dubai, UAE. The partnership includes the HTC VIVE Pro being used in Burj Khalifa’s latest ‘Mission 828’ experience on its At the Top observation deck, with additional experiences in the works. Burj Khalifa will also sell the Vive Pro HMD at its popular retail boutique located in the world’s tallest building until mid-June, which welcomes thousands of international visitors each week.

“Emaar consistently invests in the latest digital technologies to offer our visitors exceptional experiences as is underlined by Mission 828, a popular highlight of At the Top, Burj Khalifa, and a trend-setting VR experience. We are focused on strengthening our partnerships with tech leaders, to continuously enhance our innovative offerings. We will continue to push the boundaries of innovation for the leisure and entertainment industry and contribute to the city’s civic pride,” explained Ahmad Al Falasi, Executive Director – Group Operations at Emaar Properties.

What is Mission 828 Experience?

I had the opportunity to try the Mission 828 Experience at the launch of HTC VIVE Pro. It is VR experience where you are like the Tom Cruise of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) movie where you have to climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa and fix a satellite transponder to retrive data from the evil team. In your VR exprience you open the door, open the latch and next scene you have to climb the Burj Khalifa with Suction cups . Once you reach on the top you remove the Satellite Transponder and then need to jump wearing a parachute from the top of Burj Khalifa. That was the interesting experience where you are falling down the Burj Khalifa and then parachute opens some few feets from the ground. Once you have landed you light a flare and experience ends. It is around 10 mins experience but interesting and nice.

What is advancement in the HTC VIVE PRO ?

HTC VIVE Pro was revealed during the CES 2018, Las Vegas. The new HTC Vive Pro is suppose to be superior than it’s predecessor HTC VIVE. Some the interesting features and designs changes which makes it interesting for the VR community.

  1. Dual front-facing cameras, adjustable comfort dial compared to HTC Vive Single front-facing camera, adjustable velcro straps. The two cameras are primarily designed for developers to take advantage of, but will likely allow for better tracking of your environment as you game too.
  2. The new HTC Vive Pro comes in a bold blue compared to HTC Vive traditional Black.
  3. The new design of the HTC Vive Pro also features enhanced ergonomics to give a more balanced fit by decreasing weight on the front of your face while you play. This includes a redesigned face cushion and nose pad combination which blocks out more light than the current design on the original HTC Vive.
  4. HTC Vive uses an HDMI cable for connecting to your gaming machine, the HTC Vive Pro uses a DisplayPort 1.2 connection. ( Please ensure laptop has Display Port 1.2)
  5. Display resolution – 1400 x 1600 per eye (2800 x 1600 overall resolution) and HTC Vive: 1080 x 1200 per eye (2160 x 1200 overall resolution)
  6. High-performance Hi-Res certified headphones with a built-in amplifier and 3D spatial sound. HTC Vive 3.5mm headphone input/concealed USB input. Both offer built-in microphones, the HTC Vive Pro includes dual microphones with active noise cancellation.

Current Vive owners can upgrade their headset to Vive Pro for the best display, audio, and comfort in the industry. The Vive Pro works with both SteamVR Tracking 1.0 and 2.0, meaning existing Vive customers can upgrade the headset only and continue to use current generation controllers and base stations. These improved graphics and audio allow for users to experience VR with enhanced clarity, making it the most realistic and immersive VR experience on the market today.


With more than 3,000 titles available, Vive continues to be the platform of choice for developers and consumers alike. Operating in over 60 countries, HTC’s content platform Viveport also brings premium experiences in entertainment, education, arcade, arts & culture, and enterprise to a global audience. A Viveport subscription allows consumers to choose from over 400 pieces of content from a highly-curated offering, giving consumers the opportunity to discover the best VR has to offer.




The full Vive kit including the new Vive Pro HMD will be available as a single retail package starting in the Middle East from Q3 2018. The HTC VIVE Pro’s new Head Mounted Display (HMD) will retail for AED3,299 and is available for purchase through its dedicated Middle East e-commerce store.

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