HONOR Brings in a New Smartwatch – HONOR Watch GS Pro

HONOR Brings in a New Smartwatch – HONOR Watch GS Pro

October 1, 2020 Off By admin

Unveiled at IFA 2020 – HONOR announced the launch of the HONOR Watch GS Pro. For adventure lovers to fitness enthusiasts, this smartwatch makes outdoor training and pursuing fitness goals more productive and with more style. The announcement was made at the 2020 IFA technology conference and is part of the brand’s unwavering commitment to helping consumers live a truly smart, productive, and healthy life.


HONOR has witnessed immense growth in the wearables sector and continues to reinvent its offerings to keep up with the ever-changing needs of consumers. Whether that is taking adventures to greater heights or helping users achieve fitness goals, the sophisticated and stylish HONOR Watch GS Pro will deliver this promise to end-users.
Built to withstand the toughest environments, the HONOR Watch GS Pro boasts a 25-day battery life and a slew of navigation capabilities including enhanced GPS technology and weather alerts.

HONOR Watch GS Pro Rugged Design for the Outdoors

HONOR GS PRO - Adventure
HONOR GS PRO – Adventure

The HONOR Watch GS Pro sports a rugged look that feels solid, sophisticated, and comfortable on the wrist. Its round face, encased by an orientation and metal ring, is surrounded by a stainless-steel bezel ring and dial that are flushed with the rest of the casing.

HONOR GS PRO - Weather Proof
HONOR GS PRO – Weather Proof
HONOR GS PRO - Weather Proof -details
HONOR GS PRO – Weather Proof -details

The smartwatch comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED round screen that can adapt to varying brightness levels, allowing ease of use when in the outdoors. Moreover, it is pre-installed with a variety of specially designed animated watch faces for users to choose from.


Boost Performance with a range of Tracking and Weather Alert Capabilities

HONOR GS PRO -Atmosphere Tracking
HONOR GS PRO -Atmosphere Tracking

Not only does the HONOR Watch GS Pro looks great on the wrist, it also packs a punch in functionality. Supported by high-precision built-in dual satellite positioning systems, the smartwatch enables users to record their routes and later enable the “Route Back” feature once users have reached their desired destinations. This feature allows the smartwatch to guide users back along the original route.

HONOR GS PRO - Navigation
HONOR GS PRO – Navigation

The HONOR Watch GS Pro is also capable of forecasting ambient changes to the environment and will send alerts if severe weather is expected, as well as reminders on when the sun will rise and set, so users never get stuck.

The HONOR Watch GS Pro maybe priced around AED 1,200 (this as per UK price £ 249.99)