IFA Berlin News: Huawei’s to be 1st to have dedicated A.I. (NPU) on new Kirin 970 chipset for Mate10 & Mate 10 Pro

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Huawei - A.I.

Huawei – A.I.

Huawei Pr has hinted us some interesting news about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) on new chipset during the IFA Berlin. Richard Yu –  Consumer Business Group CEO spoke about two things, he confirmed Huawei to release two smartphones around mid October, the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro. He also hinted Huawei’s first full display smartphones.  But the important news was about the new 970 Kirin chipset, which is suppose to faster than the Apple 8 and the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835.

Richard-Yu-holding-Kirin-970-Image credit Android Authority

Richard-Yu-holding-Kirin-970-Image credit Android Authority

The most important focus of his announcement was about NPU (Neural Processing Unit) which is on the Kirin 970 chipset dedicated for A.I. function. Huawei would be the first to have the 10-nanometer mobile processor features an 8-core CPU and 12-core graphics processor dedicated NPU built on chipset for smartphone. Richard Yu said “Compared to a phone with a quad-core Cortex-A73 CPU, the Kirin 970 will be able to deliver 25x the performance while consuming less power, a Kirin 970-powered device could recognize 2000 images in a minute. The iPhone 7  sorted 487 images in that time.”

Apple’s next phone is rumored to include AI-focused features. It’s not sure if the A11 CPU expected to power the iPhone 8 will have dedicated AI processing built into the chip. Apple is launch is on Sept. 12 event to unveil the iPhone 8, about a month before Huawei’s Mate 10 unveiling.

Kirin-970-specs- Image Credit Android Authority

Kirin-970-specs- Image Credit Android Authority

Other features in the Kirin 970 include dual SIM card support and a 4.5G LTE modem capable of supporting 1.2 Gbps network speeds. The newly announced Kirin 970 chip will preserve battery life on phones by up to 50 percent.

We’ll find out for certain what the Mate 10 containing that Kirin 970 processor can do when Huawei unveils its new phones Oct. 16.

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