Trriple’s mWallet app now available for download

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Trriple, a UAE-based FinTech start-up, has announced that its mobile wallet application for smartphones is now available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Positioned as a viable digital tool to drive the UAE’s transition from a cash-based economy to one where digital payments are the norm, the Trriple app allows users to transact with UAE entities such as telcos and other service providers, make user-to-user transfers, pay at merchants, maintain savings in their accounts, and also transfer their international remittances directly to family or to a bank account in their home countries. This availability marks the transition of the Trriple mWallet app from the development phase to the public testing phase, with consistent monitoring and amendments based on user feedback and a growing partner ecosystem.

Paolo Gagliardi, Chief Executive Officer, Trriple

Paolo Gagliardi, Chief Executive Officer, Trriple

Paolo Gagliardi, Chief Executive Officer, Trriple, said: “Our clear objective with Trriple is to ensure that our users save time and effort, by conducting the most time-consuming tasks easily through the Trriple mobile wallet app, which can be funded with cash or linked to a bank account. We will be consistently building up our partner ecosystem in the days to come, and also look forward to receiving feedback from our early users. We are delighted to announce Trriple availability, and we look forward to interacting with the regional and global technology community at the event.”

Apart from linking a bank account or credit card, Trriple users can add funds directly to their accounts, making it a viable alternative to cash transactions for the unbanked and underbanked population in the UAE. This includes the scores of blue collar workers who can deposit their wages into their Trriple accounts, and directly transact all their recurring monthly expenses such as international remittances, mobile credit top-up, and department store purchases.

Other segments that will benefit from this mWallet are the digitally-savvy youth and the ever-increasing smartphone user population, freeing them up to enjoy experiences and make purchases even in situations when they are not able to access cash immediately, or need to pay service provider bills urgently.

The international remittance facility on the app frees up people from having to spend their free time at exchange houses to send money to their home countries. The mWallet is compliant to ISO-27001 standards, which is typically implemented by banks and larger financial institutions.

With digital payments recognized as one of the pillars of the UAE Vision 2021, the availability of the Trriple mWallet will provide a secure way for users to conduct their transactions from the convenience of their smartphones. “Ultimately, we believe that Trriple is a solution that will increase happiness in the UAE, a stated focus area of the UAE and her leadership”, Gagliardi added.

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