Review of Anker PowerCore II 10000 Power Bank

Review of Anker PowerCore II 10000 Power Bank

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Anker PowerCore II 10000 is a portable 10050 mAh battery pack (Power bank) which can charge at least 2.5 smartphones which has 4000mAh battery.

Anker is a Hong Kong based company which has been producing Power banks, Universal High speed chargers, Wall Chargers, Desktop Chargers, Wireless Chargers, Car Chargers, Cables (Lighting for IOS Devices, Micro USB cables and Type Cables. They also have batteries, Data Hub, Wireless speakers and computer accessories. But many of the products are no available in this region so far.



Body and Specifications

The Anker PowerCore II 10000 comes in White and Blue packaging with magnetic book cover style packaging where consumer can see the product through the transparent window. The packaging consists of Anker PowerCore II 10000 power bank, carry pouch, USB Type A to micro USB.
The Power bank comes with a dimension with 96mm x 62mm x 22mm and weighing 195 gms. It is rectangle shape body with rounded edges which protects the power bank from damage or chip off from drops and also makes it ergonomically design to hold in your hand and in your pocket. It is made of ABS Plastic. It is available in two colors white and matt black. It has 5V / 18W input charging via micro USB pin and has 5V / 18W output via USB Type A pin. It has circular multiple functional display with 8 white LED lights for indication of charging and full charge. The button also functions also a switch on button for transfer of power from the power bank to the required electronic device.
As mentioned by the Anker website, the power bank contains 3 rechargeable batteries with chipset which 11-point safety which includes Input High-Voltage Protection, Output High-Voltage Protection, Input Current Regulation, Output Current Regulation, Output Temperature Control, Automatic Current Matching, Output Short-Circuit, Protection and static Resistance. The Anker PowerCore II 10000 comes with Anker PowerIQ 2.0 charging technology. With the chipset the power bank can delivery 2x power charging. The PowerIQ 2.0 smart-charging chip instantly identifies any connected device and adjusts voltage output for tailored, optimized charging speed.



The Review

As for the review of the product. I have charged the power bank from one led light (around 10% charge) to full charge for more than 4 hours. The charging of the power bank may differ due to the wall unit charging capacity. The power bank is compatible with IOS device and Android devices and also charge as per the requirement of the device which can vary from 5V 1A, 5V 2.5A, 5V 2A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A. As for the charging time can differ as per the device capacity to receive the electric input.



As per the test on different products like charging different mobile or wearables like digital watch the time taken was different. The newer smartphones have more capacity to receive more power up to 40Watts which may take more time to charge as the power bank can only provide 18W of power charge.
As for the looks it has matt finish body color which cannot consider stylish but practical. I wish Anker would also provide USB Type A to USB Type C cable as most of the smartphones are coming with Type C pin.




Anker PowerCore II 10000 is portable power bank which has 10050 mAh charge and can easily charge your 4000mAh battery smartphone 2.5 times with single full charge. The power bank can charge your electrical supporting devices up to 18 Watts of power but the time taken to fully charge also depends on the support of the charging devices. It is quite handy product to carry with you when you are “On The Go” and not to worry about battery lose when there is possibility of not able to charge or find wall unit charging facility.



I wish Anker would had provided USB Type C cable as most of the smartphone are releasing with Type C pin. Or better multiple charging pin (Lighting, micro USB and Type C)
The product sturdy and made of ABS plastic with matt finish, so no smudge marks on the casing and with rounded ergonomically design edges helps to easily to carry in the hand or in the pocket.

Color & Price

Anker PowerCore II 10000 comes in two colors : Matt White and Matt Black and price ranged around AED100 to AED 120

Fake & Genuine




There have been some counterfeit companies creating fake Anker products and selling the market. The PR agency has provided me a fake Anker product too, so I could verify the distinct physical difference in the packaging and product make.
There is some identification which a consumer can identify the genuine Anker products like

  • Presence of Barcode with Product Code on the Original
    The Original Anker product will have a sticker of product barcode along with the model number on the side of the original product’s packaging.
    The Fake Anker product does not have the sticker of product barcode and sometimes it’s printed on the package and not on a sticker. NOTE: the barcode sticker of the store selling the Fake products should not be confused to the sticker which the original product has.


  • Presence of Product Verification Code (Anti Fake Scratch Sticker)
    The Original Anker product will have anti fake sticker on the side or back of the product packaging. This is scratch sticker which has a product verification code which can be entered on Anker website and the product’s originality can be verified.
    Customer can scratch the sticker and verify the code on to know whether the product is an original or fake.
    The Fake product obviously wont have this sticker.


  • Identification Through Product
    Lights on the Power Indicator on the powerbank:
    Original Anker: Will have subtle LED lights on the power indicator on the front portion of the Anker Powerbank, with a better and clean finish.
    Also the click sound on the Power Button is very subtle
    Fake Product: Will have bright and gaudy LED lights on the power indicator on the front portion of the Powerbank, with deep holes for LED Lights.
    The click sound on the power button is a bit noisy
  • Product and Certification Details on Product
    Original Anker: The product and certification details, at the base of the product, are in gold/brown colored font.
    More certification details like CE, PES, ROHS, BC etc will be found on the original product.
    Fake Product: The product and certification details are in white colored font and only two certification symbols (which are fake) can be seen on the product.


  • Warranty Period
    Original Anker offers 18 months warranty on all its charging products.
    Fake Product offers different warranty period ranging from no warranty to 3 months warranty to 6 months


Anker PowerCore II 10000

AED 110



Build Quality






Value for Money