GITEX Shopper News: Western/SanDisk Digital has 3 new storage solution products for GITEX’s consumers

GITEX Shopper News: Western/SanDisk Digital has 3 new storage solution products for GITEX’s consumers

September 25, 2017 0 By admin


GITEX Shopper is place where consumer can look, examine the product and get the best deal for buying the electronic products.

This year Western Digital/ SanDisk  has a stand in the GITEX Shopper and they are showcasing their latest products. There are 3 interesting products which gets your attention, SanDisk 400GB MicroSD Ultra Card, WD’s My Cloud Devices with new improved My Cloud App and SanDisk’s iXpand Base for iPhones.



I had the opportunity to speak with Bradley Bennett – Regional Marketing Manager for Middle East and Africa about the Western Digital and SanDisk products

Q: What is GITEX Shopper for Western Digital & SanDisk?

We have a long time relationship and participated in GITEX’s for many years and this is one of the few years, we actually taken a stand for the Western Digital and SanDisk brands in GITEX Shopper. Generally, we have participated with GITEX Shopper with retailers over the years.

Q: Which are the products of Western Digital and Sandisk launching in GITEX Shopper for the consumers?



We are launching couple of products; about 2 weeks ago in IFA Berlin, we launched the Sandisk 400GB MicroSD ultra card and that is one of our featured product this year. We also launching a new and an improved version of the Western Digital MY Cloud which is called My Cloud Home. It has a very cool App and lot of interactive and easy to setup and the other product is called the SanDisk iXpand Base which is a product where you can back up your photos and files overnight in a storage device as well as charge your IPhone. These are three products focused for the consumers in GITEX Shoppers.



Q: How the consumer gets the My Cloud Home Product App, is it free or do the consumer have to buy it?



For the customer to the get My Cloud App they need to buy the Western Digital hard drive, so the product comes in 2TB, 4TB and 6TB capacities and it available with all the retailers in the GITEX Shopper and outside retail channels. So once the consumer buys the product the My Cloud App is free. When you buy the product and plug it in following the procedure and download the MY Cloud App on the phone and MY Cloud App backs up all their photos and files on the MY Cloud Storage device. So if consumer is travelling away from home, they can have their own personal MY Cloud and can access any document or files from remote locations.

Q: Is this service for MY Cloud App for limited period and free for life?

It is good question…. Like other cloud storage, you have pay a monthly subscription, so in case you buy the product, you own the product. This is your investment, this product sits in your home and it your cloud. You are not subscribing to second service for cloud where you have pay for the subscription for limited period of time. You create your own username and password and the device, networked to your router at home and you can access the storage device anytime and from anywhere.

Q:  Compared to last year’s GITEX Shopper, what is Western Digital expectation growth in this year GITEX?

We always have expectation for growth, we have partnered with key retailers in the channel for the offers for the new products we have launched. So we definitely want to enhance our market share, we definitely want to be more visible to the retailers and to the consumer to become the brand of choice.

Q: Can you please tell us more about the SanDisk iXpand Base for the iPhone and IOS devices?



It is Apple product accessories, so have approval from Apple. It is backup storage device which will back up all your files and photos and your memories while charging your iPhone overnight. So in case of loss of your iPhone, you still have backed up data of your photos and files with you.

Q: Is SanDisk iXpand Base wireless or wired charging and transfer of data?

It is wired. It is not wireless charging device  but It is compatible with all the iPhone devices.

Q: Which are the products of Western Digital and SanDisk making noise in the market?

MicroSD Cards are making the biggest impact in the market right now because of the development of smartphone and more people are using as their smartphone device for photos, videos, social media and generating lot of data and they require lot space to store the data. So higher MicroSD are perfectly suited to their requirement, so we see huge demand for MicroSD cards. But let not just say that SD cards and compact flash cards are not in demand. The compact flash cards are in demand by the professional photographers and they are well suited to videography and same goes for the SD cards.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to mention about USB range, we have recently launch two USB’s they are solid state USBs. So they have read speed of 420mb/sec, it is extreme pro and they come in 128GB and 256GB capacities and it is the USB 3.1, so it is the fastest USB 3 device available at the moment. So it is same speed of the of the Solid State Drive (SSD). The other one is Extreme Go which has read speed of 245mb/sec, it is everyday high speed performance USB positioned in the channel and for the people who would like to download and transfer movies or large files very quickly.

Q: So all the product you have mention are available in the market?

Yes, all the products are available in the market and with major retailers.

Western Digital and SanDisk product Prices


SanDisk 400GB MicroSD Ultra Card – AED 1,125/-

SanDisk iXpand Base 32GB  – AED 199/-

SanDisk iXpand Base 64GB – AED 299/-

SanDisk iXpand Base 128GB – AED 429/-

SanDisk iXpand Base 256GB – AED 749/-

SanDisk Extreme GO USB 3.0 Flash Drive 64GB – AED 159/-

SanDisk Extreme GO USB 3.0 Flash Drive 128GB – AED 249/-

Western Digital My Cloud Devices

2 TB – AED 629/-

3 TB – AED 729/-

4 TB – AED 799/-

6 TB – AED 1,049/-

8 TB – AED 1,299/-

Western Digital 

WD SSD 256GB – AED 499/-

WD SSD 512GB – AED 799/-

WD SSD  1TB – AED 1,599/-