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Blueair’s HEPASilent™ technology helps to clean air and create healthy living

With Blueair’s HEPASilent™ technology, airborne particles are charged before they reach the filter and helps to clean the air and create healthy and clean air environment.

Blueair's_Cabin Air_ Purifier

Blueair Introduces Cabin Car Air Purifiers For UAE Market

New Blueair Cabin car air purifiers remove toxic pollutants in just 6 minutes. Unique HEPASilent™ technology ensures a 99.97% filtration rate. Car exhausts, road wear, pollen, dust, germs, and PM2.5 removed. Intelligent with...

Blueair launched Sense+ air purifier for Middle East

BlueAir launches Smart Air Purifiers in Middle East

Swedish Blueair, a world-leader in air purification solutions for home and professional use launched Blueair Classic, Sense+ and Pro type of Air purifiers for consumers in Middle East. They launch the Blueair Sense+ , Blueair ...