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Release Date: Released on 10th June , 2017
Technology: Bluetooth, NFC, Wired listening with 3.5mm jack, USB - A charging port.
Uses: Good portable speaker for outdoor activities, can be used as a music unit for a studio apartment. The LED light adds a nice touch to add more of party effect. Also there is USB-A port for charging your smartphone in case of non availability of electric socket.
Specifications: Dimensions- 279 × 100 × 105 mm (W x H x D), Battery - Li-ion 5400mAh, Charge Time (Approx.) - 4hr, Speaker - 61mm (stereo), Connectivity - Bluetooth v 4.2, NFC, Stereo 3.5mm jack, Protection - IPX5, Hands free Function - Speakerphone, Smartphone App – SongPal , Smartphone App – Fiestable , Weight with battery - 1,500g


Good battery life, Loud sound, you can charge your smartphone via USB-A when there are no availability of electric plug points. The 3.5mm jack, USB-A, DC port and reset port neatly hidden in the back panel. Can be connected via Bluetooth and NFC. Splash Proof (rated IPX5) with nice silicone rubber covering with hard plastic for sturdiness. Simple control panel and with colourful LED lighting synced with your thump bass of your music.


Lower bass notes are not crisp and clear, it is little muddy. Speaker mic is not every powerful. It is directional speaker sound and not 360 degree. Little expensive compared to competitors.
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Sony EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Speaker SRS XB40 is good for the people who like loud music in portable size ( but not for Audiophile listeners). A good battery life, so suitable for outdoor activities and especially with IPX5 rating not get worried from splash of water. Little bulky (1.5kg) and little expensive to it’s competitors.

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Sony XB40 wireless speaker - Front view with 2 speakers and reverse bass woofer

Sony XB40 wireless speaker – Front view with 2 speakers and reverse bass woofer

In the month of July, 2017, Sony had launched series of portable wireless speakers – SRS-XB10, SRS-XB20, SRS-XB30 and SRS-XB40.
I had the chance to review the Sony SRS XB40 portable wireless speaker with EXTRA BASS™.


Sony XB40 wireless speaker DC charger and multi pins.

Sony XB40 wireless speaker DC charger and multi pins.

The Sony SRS-XB40 speaker features a traditional oblong bar shape of wireless speakers with its audio drivers facing one direction but the speaker can be paired with other Sony Bluetooth speakers to either amplify sound or to play in stereo. It is 279 x 100 x 105mm (W x H x D) is size and weighs around 1.5kgs. The body is made of hard plastic with silicone rubber covering. is rated IPX5 for water resistance against moderate pressure from jets, provided the cap covering the connections panel is closed. Available in matte black, blue, or red plastic. Behind the grille, dual 2.5-inch drivers deliver the audio with the help of forward and rear-firing passive radiator to enhance bass response. There is a ring around the grille on the front of the speaker that lights up – the Sony SRS-XB40 provides a light show that syncs up with your music.

Sony XB40 wireless speaker - Top view

Sony XB40 wireless speaker – Top view

All the control of the speakers is on the top panel. From left to right, these include Extra Bass, Phone Answer/End (which doubles as a battery life indicator), Play/Pause, add (to create a stereo pair with another SRS-XB40 speaker), Volume Down and Up (these work in conjunction with your mobile device’s master volume levels), and a Power/Pairing button. A covered rear connection panel houses the 3.5mm Aux input, a pinhole Reset button, the AC adaptor connection, and a USB port for charging your mobile devices using the speaker’s battery. While not fully waterproof, the SRS-XB40 features IPX5 water resistance. This means the speaker will survive splashes but you won’t want to dunk it in the pool.

Sony XB40 wireless speaker -Back view - Hidden panel on the right and centre rear-firing passive radiator.

Sony XB40 wireless speaker -Back view – Hidden panel on the right and rear-firing passive radiator


I have certain songs and sound testing music which I always use for review any kind of sound system from portable speakers to home theatre sound system. The Sony SRS-XB40 speaker was tested on lower and higher sound level. On the lower sound level, the SRS-XB40 performed very well, especially with the Extra Bass on. The Sony SRS-XB40 is directional speaker and would enjoy the music by facing the speaker. The SRS-XB40 speaker sounded great and could hear each cymbals and high frequency sound. While the bass sound was average and was little muddy. I was missing the thump and rumbles and especially on very low notes.

When the volume was increased to maximum, the music was loud but not appealing to the ears and felt just a blaring noise for party. Personally, I would prefer to listen on lower or half volume range to enjoy music on the Sony SRS-XB40.
I wish Sony would have given me another set of Sony SRS-XB40 speakers to pair and use it like left and right channel. Sony says that using the wireless party chain, speakers can be connected to each other to enable users to enjoy a performance featuring synchronized lights and great sound up to 10 units can be interconnected via Bluetooth®.
Another small issue I faced for the first time was the Bluetooth connective as there was drop of sound on certain intervals which was rectified by resetting the speaker from the back panel reset pin hole.

Sony XB40 wireless speaker -hidden panel with connectivity - 3.5mm, reset pinhole, DC charging pin and USB-A

Sony XB40 wireless speaker -hidden panel with connectivity – 3.5mm, reset pinhole, DC charging pin and USB-A

The Li-ion 5400mAh battery lasted for more than 4 days with the usage for 2-4 hours in a day. When trying to receive telephone calls via Bluetooth, speaker was good and loud but the speakerphone mic is not powerful, I had to be close to the speaker unit to speak to the caller.
Another good feature is that you can recharge a smartphone by connecting it to the USB-A port on these devices via a USB cable which enables the speaker battery for recharging my smartphone.
The SRS-XB40 allow multi-device connectivity, meaning that more than one smartphone can be connected at the same time, enabling user to quickly switch between music sources.

Sony XB40 wireless speaker -front view with 2 dual speakers and centre diagram of rear-firing passive radiators

Sony XB40 wireless speaker -front view with 2 dual speakers and centre diagram of rear-firing passive radiator.


The portable Sony SRS – XB40 retails at AED 799


The portable Sony SRS – XB40 would good for the people who love loud sound and booming bass (not for audiophile listeners) and who love flashing LED lights and it is a water- resistant design (splash proof – is rated IPX5). The Extra Bass button make sense on a lower volume but it is does have not crisp clear bass but has good sound on Mids and Trebles. Long battery life with USB-A charging for your smartphone while you are outside and not near any electric socket. Easy way to pair your smartphone with Bluetooth and NFC phones. Little bulky (1.5kg) to carry on your backpack but loud enough for group of people to enjoy music and pairing up multiple Sony speakers. I wish could have been less expensive on the pocket.

Sony XB40 wireless speaker -closeup

Sony XB40 wireless speaker -closeup


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