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Total Score

83/ 100

Quick Stats

Length: 2h 32m
Release Date: Dec 15, 2017
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Storyline: The Resistance force is trouble and the First Order is on the hunt to annihilate the whole Resistance. Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers.
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What We Liked:

Good story line and lot of twist and new plots in the movie. Good see little humour, Awesome CGI work. New character added with new creatures.

What We Disliked:

Not happy with film noise as with modern technology could have kept it clean. Especially low light shots had lot of grainy scenes, which looked like low ISO shots but I know it is not. Kyle Ren actor Adam Driver, still could not appeal or create the majestic looks of villain like of Darth Vader. Length of the movie could have been shorter
What We Thought

The Movie is full entertainment for all ages and CGI is very good quality and storyline and plot. Even people who have not followed the Star Wars movies, will not be left out and maybe make them curious to watch the earlier episode. Only small issue with grainy noise level as it is shot on film and it is quite clear visible noise during the low light shots, especially you will feel it if you are used to seeing movies like Avengers which is  fine crisp clean digital image.

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Dolby Atmos® theater in Reel Cinemas in Marina Mall

Dolby Atmos® theater in Reel Cinemas in Marina Mall

Thanks to invite from Reel Cinemas and Dolby Middle East , I had the opportunity to see the 1st  screening of Reel Cinemas  for the movie Star Wars: The Las Jedi in Dubai (UAE). It was midnight show with no trailers and lot of Media and social media people were invited. Plush seats and 360 degree surround audio system of Dolby Atmos®  in Reel Cinemas in Marina Mall made the interesting experience of watching my favourite Sci-Fi movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Only thing which I didn’t appreciate which maybe not the fault of the theatre was reduction of Air condition level maybe told by someone from the audience , which left me little sweating in the second half of the movie but it is fine.


Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Laura Dern, Benicio Del Toro, Andy Serkis, Domhnall GleesonJoonas Suotamo,   Kelly Marie Tran,

Music By

John Williams

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (also known as Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi) is a 2017 American epic space opera film written and directed by Rian Johnson. It is the second film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, following Star Wars: The Force Awakens(2015). The film is produced by Lucasfilm and Bad Robot Productions, and is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The Story

If you have watched the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the ending of the movie, Rey (Daisy Ridley) lands on an island of Ahch-To, where she finds Master Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)  and hands over the lightsaber to him. Rey is sent by Princess Leya (Carrie Fisher) who had asked Rey to find him and bring him back as the resistance needs him. But Luke Skywalker has his own issues and wants to be left alone. Meantime the First Order lead by  General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) with battleships and mini-Death Star-esque Dreadnaught have attacked a planet from which the Resistance force is trying to escape in the transport ships. Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) leads an attack on the First Order battleships and helps the group of resistance transport ships to escape from there. 

Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) who has a scar on his face which he has got from the last battle with Rey, is summoned by Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis).  Kylo Ren destroys his mask as told by Supreme leader Snoke and Kyle Ren takes in-charge to lead attack on the remaining resistance. The escaping resistance ships has been tracked by First order.

Princess Leya and other important generals get hit and thrown into the space and with her own power, she glides back into the ship to safety and goes into Coma and reins of the resistance is taken care by Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo (Laura Dern), who insist on staying defending by staying out range of the First Order battle ship cannon and using the remaining power on deflector shield. But Poe Dameron is not convinced with this solution of being sitting ducks  and wants to attack the First Order battleship with remaining fighters.

Injured hero Finn (John Boyega) wakes up and embarks on a filler quest accompanied by newcomer Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran, and R2-D2 knock-off BB8. Finn (John Boyegaand Rose Tico  comes with plan with Poe Dameron to destroy the tracker on First Order battleship and for that they have to travel to planet Canto Bight which is like Vegas (gambling casino, and betting, where many arm dealers come and spend their money). In Planet Canto Bight Casino,  they will find the Master code breaker who can help to destroy the tracker. Finn and Rose are captured and put in the jail. In jail,  they meet DJ (Benicio Del Toro) who is ready to help for money. They escape with the help of BB8 and young kids who take care of Faither (Horse like creatures used for racing and betting). They sneak into the First Order battleship but later to be captured by the Storm troopers on the betrayal of Dj for money. But some how Finn, Rose and BB8 escape the battle ship and joins the other remaining resistance on nearby planet called Crait.

Meanwhile, Rey see a old tree on the island of Ahch-To, the tree has the last remains books of the Jedi Code which she had seen in her dream, this also helps to convinces Luke Skywalker to train her and then Luke realised her potential of raw power which can also take to the dark side and is in two minds to train further.
The yin-yang between Kylo Ren and Rey represents one of the more intriguing elements of The Last Jedi – it’s a concrete embodiment of the Dark Side/Light Side conflict that we haven’t previously seen in the movies and offers the possibility of differing paths existing for each character. Rey hints at seeing a future in which Ren stands with the forces of Light; conversely, Ren envisions a darker road for Rey. Meanwhile, Luke is haunted by his perceived failings and all these years later, he still grapples with his own impure tendencies. When The Last Jedi focuses on these characters and their stories, it’s on solid ground.

The last fight of the movie on planet Crait, where Kylo Ren attacks with Walkers looked beautiful with the Red color (Salt) contrast against the white color sand salt. Crait base is an old abandoned rebel base which has rich in minerals. Here Kylo Ren has one to one fight with Luke Skywalker which ends with a surprise of Luke Skywalker astral projection which was the unexpected wow factor.

Similarities of events in the movie from earlier Star Wars movies

If you are Star Wars fan, then you will find Star Wars: The last Jedi had moments which felt like a combination and similarity of many parts of  the earlier Star war movies. Like the training of Rey by Luke Skywalker reminds me the part of training of Luke Skywalker by Master Joda in the Star Wars: Episode V –The Empire Strikes Back,  the scene of Rey handcuff in the presence of Kylo Ren at the Supreme Leader Snoke in his chambers, reminds us of the scene from Episode VI –Return of the Jedi , where Darth Vader brings in Luke Skywalker infront of The Emperor. The climax sequence fight between First Order with Walkers and Resistance reminds us from the similar attack from Episode IV – A New Hope. And old attack skimmers remind us of the pod racers from the Episode I –The Phantom Menace 

Humour parts in the Star Wars: The last Jedi movie

General Hux - acted by Domhnall Gleeson

General Hux – acted by Domhnall Gleeson

At the start of the movie, the first fight Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) stands infront of the battleship and insist on talking to General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) on the radio as he has message from General Leya. The General Hux threatens back saying no communication will help them to survive the attack and no surrender. Poe Dameron act like he can’t hear him and repeat his message to General Hux. General Hux repeats and gets angry and Poe Dameron remains cool and actually he was buying time to get his bombers close to the Battleship to destroy them. The banter got good laughter in the audience.

Chewbacca and Porg

Chewbacca and Porg

Chewbacca is hungry and catches some penguin type alien cute creature called porgs and has roasted them and he is about to eat. Infront of him more Porgs stand and making sad faces and he is in dilemma to eat or not to eat. Finally doesn’t eat the roasted Porgs.

Master Luke Skywalker while train Rey to become a Jedi, says to Rey to close her eyes and feel the force and Master Luke takes long leaf  and touch her on the hand and ask her, if she is feeling the force and she says “Oh yes, I can feel it”. Master Luke hits Rey with leaf and tells her to feel the force from inside and not superficially.

There is moment when a rich drunk alien in the Planet Canto Bight Casino, inserts coins inside the BB8 thinking it is slot machine. But later BB8 uses the coins as a weapon to free Finn, Rose and Dj from prison.

New Animal/Creatures in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In all the Star Wars movies, there always has been a new animal/creatures has been shown in the movies. In the Last Jedi, there is bird of a combination of penguin with fur of guinea pig with big eyes and long ears, cute little thing called Porgs and then there is the beautiful slender Arctic fox which has got chandelier like crystal fur called a Vulptex.  There was also another alien creature animal which can run like horse has long ears and big stout body like lion called Fathier on Planet Canto Bight.

What can we expect in Episode Nine, or question in our Star wars fan mind?

John Boyega as Finn

John Boyega as Finn

At the end of the movie, the camera focuses on the group of young kids who were taking care of the Fathier creatures and one of them has the Rose Tico type rebel team ring on his finger. When he extends his hand for the broom and it glides into his hand on it own and stands in the fighter pose with broom like he is holding the Light Saber. Which gives a very good idea of rise of slaves as the next group of Resistance. So question comes does this kid also had power to move object like jedi or was it only it was an automated broom?
In the fight of Finn and First order Captain Phasma, She falls in the pit of fire and will she rise back in the next episode. Kylo Ren claims to be the next Supremo, he will continue a leader or there is twist in the next episode.
Luke Skywalker disappears like Yodo and Obi Wan who have mastered the art of becoming one with the Force at death because we could see Yoda making physical appears and even burning the old tree with his power.  So we can expect, Luke Skywalker making appearance when needed by Rey or the resistance force.
General Leya has shown the power to glide to safety from the space instead of death by forming ice and regain her life. with the Carrie Fisher untimely death and departure from the series, how will the writer treat the story about her, is the interesting thing, to wait and watch as they have said to no to CGI creation of her in the next episode.
Also will there be love growing between Finn and Rose or it is going to be just mutual respect for each other.
Another thing noticed in this movie is about Rey (Daisy Ridley) has start showing her age and she is no more looking like a teenager which would more prominent in next episode.
I feel, we will see a new characters and new generation of resistance with old familiar faces.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi..L to R: Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) and Finn (John Boyega)..Photo: David James..©2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi..L to R: Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) and Finn (John Boyega)..Photo: David James..©2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


The Movie is full entertainment for all ages and CGI is very good quality and storyline and plot. Even people who have not followed the Star Wars movies, will not be left out and maybe make them curious to watch the earlier episode. Only small issue with grainy noise level as it is shot on film and it is quite clear visible noise during the low light shots, especially you will feel it if you are used to seeing movies like Avengers which is  fine crisp clean digital image. The length of the movie is long and should had break of interval as you have to hold you bladder for 2h 32m and if you have not been to washroom before the movie then you are in trouble, just jokin…. the ending keeps lot question and hoping to answered in the next episode. Like who is actually the parents of Rey, as mentioned by Kylo Ren, she was abandoned and sold by drunk parents. With her power, there is definitely question arise to think, if she is connected to any of the earlier Jedi’s lineage.
I have not seen in 3D or in IMAX  theatre yet but should be interesting to watch it again, as I am Star Wars fan.


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