Review of Xtouch’s XBot Senior Smartphone – 2018

Review of Xtouch’s XBot Senior Smartphone – 2018

August 27, 2018 3 By admin
Xtouch-XBot-Senior-Smartphone-IP69 certified
Xtouch-XBot-Senior-Smartphone - AED1234

Xtouch-XBot-Senior-Smartphone – AED1234

On August 8, 2018: XTouch, the leading Dubai headquartered consumer Electronics Company announced the launch of the Robot family range of rugged mobile phones that include the smartphones XBot Senior and XBot Junior, and feature phones XBot Swimmer and XBot Champ. Geared to withstand tough environments, they are durable in severe operational environments as well as for daily usage. The new launch is in continuity to the company’s strategy to bring advanced technology to the masses at affordable costs.

I got the opportunity to review the Xtouch’s XBot Senior smartphone which is Flagship smartphone of the Robot family series. I received the beautiful Fire Black model which has nice thin orange lines on the display side and on the back which enhances the design.

XBot Senior Specs



It has a dimension of 158.7×77.2×14.8 mm, weighing 255gms and has a display screen size of 5.8 inches. It has the resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels with Corning Gorilla 3 protective glass and works with Android 8.1 OS. It has the fingerprint sensor on the back with the primary camera on the rear with 13MP with f/20 aperture and 8MP with f/2.4 aperture front camera for selfies.



It has MediaTek Chipset (MTK6739V/WW(64bit, Quad-core, 1.5Ghz) and has long-lasting 5000mAH battery which can last you for more than a day or more. The XTouch website says you can have Standby time:480H;2G/3G Talk time:30H. It has Dual SIM card and you can increase your memory up to 128GB with a microSD card. The XBot Senior has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

The most important feature of the XBot Senior smartphone is that it is in the category of world toughest smartphone with rated IP69 certified.

My Review

XBot Senior Smartphone is a tough, rugged smartphone and this is the first smartphone which I am reviewing which is rated IP69 certified as XTouch claims. The body of the smartphone is solid and tough and heavy compared to other smartphones I have reviewed so far. The body is covered with a special combination of plastic and silicon rubber which has nice look and feel. The corners are not rounded and have hexagonal cuts and back has metallic plate styling which give a rugged look. The smartphone is housed in the tough casing which makes it water resistant up to 1 meter and can withstand jet hose spray which is tested under high temperature up to 80°C and high pressure from different angles.



Waterproof test

To be honest I could not do the hot water spray test but I have submerged the smartphone in warm water for 10 – 15mins and nothing happened. (Please note: During the test, I made sure the bottom flap protecting the USB Type C pin was tightly plugged before the dip test.)

The screen touch function didn’t work in the underwater and I had to wipe my fingers and smartphone to use the smartphone. But thanks to the Camera button on the left-hand side below the Volume rockers, it was possible to click a snap but for video, it was not possible as the activation is on the screen.

Xtouch-XBot-Senior-Smartphone-Edges-Hexagonal cuts

Xtouch-XBot-Senior-Smartphone-Edges have Hexagonal cuts which help to protect from harsh drops

I have dropped the smartphone from a height of 1 meter for the drop test on the ceramic tile floor and smartphone bounced and nothing happened, thanks to the design and tough enclosed cover. The cover design has thin piping on the display which protects the screen from breakage and direct contact on the drop but not sure on the drop test on the rough stone environment and maybe to protect from rough scratches, XTouch has provided additional free glass protector along the smartphone.

Benchmark test

Regarding the smartphone benchmark test on the phone chipset and working, it got less than average score. It only got a score of 47419 on AnTuTu Benchmark and could not handle 3D graphics rendering well. During the test, the battery temperature was 42°C and the CPU temperature was around 75°C but due to a tough enclosed body, could not feel the heat in my hand.


XBot Senior comes with additional camera click button on the left-hand side of the smartphone below the Volume rocker. The primary rear camera is enclosed in the encasing which protects from dust and water.

The 13MP camera performed pretty well in bright daylight ( image size 4864 x 2736) but was little disappointed in the night shot. Same goes for the front 8MP camera (Image size 3840 x 2160). The face detection is awesome and even with the touch focus confirmation, the images were not sharp compared to other brand phones in the similar price range. By the way, there was little delay in the clicking each snap and viewing the same.

Both cameras have Beauty AI built in so you can click your friends or selfie in beauty mode. You can click Bokeh shots with the camera but adjustment takes little time.

The primary camera LED flash function is good and light is quite powerful and you can use it as a handy torch in a dark environment.

Battery Life

XBot Senior comes with 5000mAH battery which is quite good for day to day life. With a full charge of the battery, I could make calls, played basic graphics games, watching music videos and it lasted me 2.5 days.

Connection & Built-In Speakers

The XBot Senior smartphone has little longer USB Type C connector compared to the regular Type C connector due to the encasing of the smartphone. So the consumer has to make sure to carry the XBot cable to charge the smartphone and to transfer the data.


XBot-USB Type-C-longer-Pin

It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connective and for headphones, you have to use the XBot long USB Type C headphones.

The XBot Senior smartphone with have built in Amplifier NXP Audio and built-in speaker are quite good compared to be enclosed in a water and dust resistant casing.

Who should buy this smartphone?



Xtouch’s XBot Senior smartphone is perfect tough and rugged phone for the adventurous people who would like to take their smartphone into the desert, forest or near the water without getting worried about drop, breakage, water or dust. It could also perfect phone for the guys who are always on the move and require big battery life for day to day work. People who are less careful with their smartphones handling and for people who work in the hazardous area and chances smartphone can get damaged.




Xtouch’s XBot Senior with rated IP69 Certified smartphone is good for the adventurous people and perfect phone with long 5000mAh battery which can last you for more than 2 days without charging (depends on your usage). The camera is good for daylight photography and video, night shots are average with a little noise level. 3 GB RAM and Andriod 8.1 Oreo OS is very good, graphics performance was not up to the desired level but I wish XTouch could have used a better chipset compared to the price they are selling in the market.

The package which includes dual SIM card tray additional screen protector with different adaptor plug pins for charging is a good option and free headphone.

Overall good package for looks, styling, ruggedness and long battery life but have to give fewer marks on the graphics performance.


AED 1234

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