Review of the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) in UAE

Review of the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) in UAE

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30 years back, Home Security was managed by people physically and CCTV/ Surveillance system was mainly used in the industries and used by the affluent families. An earlier version of CCTV or electronics surveillance products were expensive with wiring and DVR Tapes used for storage of video footage whose quality can be considered less clear and with noise in the footage. With the advent latest technology, Home Security devices have become available, cheaper and affordable in the hand of the consumers.

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Package

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Package

Eufy brand is part of Anker Innovations which also have other brands like Anker, Soundcore, Nebula and Roav. Eufy brand is specialized in easy-to-use smart home devices and appliances. They have laser-guided robotic vacuum cleaners, smart home appliances like LED lights, lamps, smart locks, smart scales, alarm system and home security system.
I received the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) for more than 2 months and below is the review of the device.

Body & Specifications

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) package came with two products – Eufy Video Doorbell and Home Base 2 station and you need to download the Eufy Security App from Google PlayStore.
The Eufy Video Doorbell is the wireless battery powered unit which comes with 180 days of battery life on recommended suggested usage by Eufy. The Doorbell unit comes with dimension of 50mm (W) x 140mm(H) x 30mm(D). It comes with a motion sensor, microphone, Ambient light Sensor, LED ring, doorbell button, speaker and 2K Camera lens.

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Unit_ Back panel

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Unit_ Back panel

On the back of the unit, it has microUSB charging pin which is protected with rubber covering the pin. It has sync/reset button, power terminals for the existing doorbell wiring and detaching mechanism pin. It has built-in Wi-fi to connect with the Eufy Homebase unit

So, to connect Eufy Video Doorbell, you have to use the Homebase 2 which comes along the package. The Eufy Homebase unit comes with dimension of 84mm (W) x 180mm (H) x 84mm (D) with white piano finish. It comes with a status LED, speaker, power port, USB port, ethernet port, sync/alarm off button and reset button. It has built-in 16GB Storage and also works as the chime for the Eufy Doorbell unit. It needs to be connected to a continuous electrical power via a supplied power adapter cable. You can connect the Homebase 2 station with Ethernet cable or connect via wi-fi to the router.

Please note: once you purchase this package which comes with Homebase 2, you can keep on adding more of the Eufy wireless products like wireless controlled lights, eufy cam, eufy floodlights, smart lock, entry sensors, additional motion sensors and more.

Installation was quite easy

As mentioned Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) package came with 2 products: – Eufy Video Doorbell and Home Base 2 station. Let start with the installation.
The package comes with white sleeve cover and when you remove the sleeve, you find a blue box. On opening the blue box, you will find the blue envelope which contains the Start-up guide and Eufy Security Sticker which can be used by the consumer on their door. Further digging inside the box, you will find the Eufy Video DoorBell and the Homebase2 station in the box.

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Package-Content

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Package-Content

Connect the Homebase 2 station to the internet via ethernet cable to the router. Wait for the LED indicator turning from RED to BLUE which indicates, it is ready for setup. Download the Eufy Security App from the Google App store / Apple store. Once the App is downloaded, create a Eufy account which can be used for all the Eufy products. Then follow the procedure via adding device – Homebase 2 from the App. Scan the QR Code on the bottom of the Eufy Homebase 2 Station via the App. Once the App is connected with the Homebase2. Now in a similar way add the “Battery Doorbell” from the list of Eufy products in the App.

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Once you connect Eufy Video Doorbell from the App, you will be informed to download the firmware maybe for both Homebase 2 and Eufy Video Doorbell.
Now the step is to install the Eufy Video Doorbell at the door frame. Eufy provides mounting bracket, 15° mounting wedge, screw hole positioning card and screw packs (spare screws and anchors are included). As per your requirement, you may use a drill to make screw holes with the screw hole positioning card sticker. Then use the mounting bracket and use the anchors and provided screws to fix the bracket. You can also use the 15° mounting wedge below the mounting bracket to provide the angle for a better view. Then check your connection and start using the Eufy Security App for the “LIVE View” for a test.

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Please Note: If you want to connect with the existing doorbell, please use the extension wires and wire nuts. Eufy also provided additional jumper cable for the original chime.


Review of the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) in UAE

Review of the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) in UAE

Eufy Video Doorbell package was used for 2 months and I was impressed by the built quality, functioning and features.
The Eufy Video Doorbell unit comes in brown colour with front piano finish brown. Compared to another brand available in the market, the Eufy Video Doorbell unit is very sturdy and stylish. It comes with an LED ring around the doorbell button and 2K built-in camera which provides a resolution of 2560x1920px and the video captures in 4:3 ratio. The unit comes with a 6500mAh battery which can provide 180 days non-stop surveillance as mentioned by Eufy. The no of days may increase or decrease as per the no of captures of videos or detections. It can connect at 2.4GHz speed.

Smart Detection – AI feature and more in Eufy Video Doorbell

Eufy Video Doorbell system comes with Ai chip embedded in which can detect the Humans which is by default in the App. Also, when it detects, it also does facial detection with facial recognition or the whole body of the person in front of the video doorbell separately in the App frame depending on the distance the human in front of the camera with the mention of human. Sometimes if the human is moving then the image captured may be hazy or can call it motion blur.

The Ai Chip also can detect pets & cry detection

But I have noticed since I have installed the Eufy Video Doorbell, there has been an improvement in the Motion Detection and Ai feature with each update and that is automatically happening via the Homebase 2 connected to the router.

From the Eufy Security App, you can go to the setting and redraw the motion sensor range as per your requirement. As you can see, this is an apartment with facing a small lobby. I could rearrange the motion sensor by redrawing to the max on the left side as expecting to capture people coming from the left side but people are walking from the right side, there is mil second delay which sometimes misses the actual time of capture.
You and also smart integration with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit.


Eufy has two-way-talk feature built-in. So if you want to communicate with the person who has rung the Door Bell, you can view and talk to the person. This is useful when you are away from your home and somebody has rung your doorbell or unwanted people are at your door and you can warn them by telling them to stay away as you can see them and captured on Eufy Video DoorBell unit. You can also use it to communicate with your family especially kids who may return from school and your motion sensor has sent you an alert.
There is a sec delay from the time you speak and to the time, the person Infront of the DoorBell can hear you. But the voice quality is great and quite audible for a small unit.

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Family & More

The Eufy Security App also allows you to add your family or friends to whom you want to give access to your app and devices. This especially would be helpful in the family or your friend if you would want to give access in your absence and chances is that you may not have internet access to get the notification on your smartphone.
You can join the community and share your videos like porch pirate video and win many more things mentioned in the App.

Storage and Cloud Service

The Homebase 2 has 16GB storage which stores the captured video directly from the Eufy Video Doorbell unit. Due which you are not paying for the storage on the cloud which you would be paying in other brands after the 1st-month free trial is over to access your video files. Also, I have noticed the accessing your video from your Homebase 2 is faster than accessing from the cloud service (depending on your internet connection in the house to access via Eufy Security App). There is additional optional cloud storage available but it paid as the other cloud services.
Please Note: Cloud service may not be required, if you copy the required video files and erase the 16GB hard drive for reusing the Homebase 2.


The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Unit - 2K Camera with Motion Sensor & Ambient Sensor

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Unit – 2K Camera with Motion Sensor & Ambient Sensor

As per my two months experience, the Eufy Video Doorbell system is much better surveillance and security system with 16GB storage in the Homebase 2 unit. The doorbell comes with 2K resolution camera with motion detection, ambient light detection. With Ai Chip, it provides Human, pet detection and facial recognition. It comes with 6500 mAh battery which can provide 180 days of service on a single charge. And the doorbell-built quality and looks are stylish and sturdy and much better than the competitor’s product. As you have the Homebase 2 unit and you want to extend your reach with more Eufy products then you can just buy the additional products and add it your Homebase 2 unit.

Eufy Video Doorbell -Fixed ready to use

Eufy Video Doorbell -Fixed ready to use

There very few issues in the Eufy product like the Door Bell unit comes with a sealed battery, so in after long usage, if the battery drains out and cannot be recharged then you have to replace the doorbell unit. The voice has sometimes echoed especially if you are near the Homebase 2 station while speaking or seeing in the live view camera mode and there is a little delay especially when you are accessing from away from your house. (maybe due to the delay of reaching of the internet signal, my house net speed is 32mbps and UAE has one of the best internet speed)
Overall,  I would recommend people to have a look at the Eufy Video Doorbell system, if you are planning to purchase a home security system.

Priced at AED 729 which comes with the Homebase 2 unit. And just the Eufy Doorbell battery-powered add on unit comes for AED549.

Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered)

AED 729



Build Quality






Value For Money



  • 2K Camera Video Door Bell
  • AI Smart Detection - Human, Pet, Cry detection, Facial Recognition and capture
  • Video DoorBell very stylish and sturdy
  • 180 Days Battery Life on 1 singe Charge - Video DoorBell
  • Personal Surveillance Storage


  • Audio Echoes when near the product
  • Sometime split second delay of video and audio response
  • Battery not changeable