Review of LG PuriCare 360° Airpurifier (Model – AS95)

Review of LG PuriCare 360° Airpurifier (Model – AS95)

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LG Electronics (LG) launched the Air Purifier series called LG PuriCare around mid of January 2018. LG release two variants of LG PuriCare 91sqm and 58sqm.

LG sent the tall, sleek 91sqm LG PuriCare (AS95) for review. The review unit was brand new one with fresh filters and was kept continuously switch on for 20 days.

Body & Specifications

LG PuriCare dimension 1,073mm (H) x 373mm (W) x 373mm (D) with a white glossy piano finish, panels made out of plastic composite materials with magnetic pins to hold the panel on the body. The internal body structure is made of composite plastic and metal. The panel has dotted holes which pulls in all the impure air and dust for filtering from below and pushing via the fans.

It can cover around 91sqm and cover 360° around and absorb pollutants and the top section has the Clean Air Booster Fan with Clean Boost technology further enhances the range of coverage, delivers clean air as far as 7.5 meters.

Filtration System in LG PuriCare (AS95)



LG PuriCare (AS95) has 6 steps of filtration of air.

Step 1: Large dust removal

Step 2: Dust storm/Ultra-fine dust removal (PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0)

Step 3: Allergy removal

Total Harmful Gas Care

Step 4: Living environment odors, including ammonia

Step 5: Volatile Organic Compounds

Step 6: Smog compounds

The LG PuriCare (AS95)  comes with a remote control which you can adjust air purifier speed, mode of cleaning, Clean Booster, control the light and including switch On & Off.



The LG PuriCare (AS95) can be connected to your WiFi with the LG SmartThinQ App which can be downloaded from the Google Play store. So this enables you to control the air purifier from any part of the world with the product is switched on and connected to the Internet.

The  LG PuriCare (AS95) has Light( LED) rings around the fan and the middle section which shows the different colours in the panel changes reflecting pollution degree. The air purifier also has a  facility to ionize your room air quality with a touch of a button, it will catch and effectively removes floating viruses & germs in the air.

Smart Sensors

The LG PuriCare (AS95) has Black Filtering system which captures PM 1.0, microparticles and harmful gases. PM 1.0 black filter can be reused, thanks to advanced technology.

It has odour detection which can identify if there is any odour in the room and which is shown with colour change in the indicator on the touch-sensitive panel.


The Review

My First Reaction

To be honest, my first reaction before the product reaches my home, I was wondering why would I require an air purifier in the house which has an air conditioner 24/7 in Dubai. But of course, I wanted to review the product and to satisfy my curiosity, I installed it in my studio.

I removed the product from the carton and followed the instruction manual by which I opened the air filter compartment panel and removed the packaging plastic covering from the air filter and fixed it back in the compartments. As this was the 91sqm tall air purifier, it has got two air filters.

Then I connected the LG PuriCare (AS95) with the electrical plug point and the 91sqm air purifier can to live with the top part (Clean Air Booster Fan) rising from the body of the air purifier and thin LED lights switched on with the fan pushing the air. The centre silver panel showing the indicator about the fan speed, clean booster speed and amount of dust present in the surrounding and also showing the amount of odour in the room.

The LG PuriCare (AS95) on initial start calculated the surrounding and then panel colour showed red light showing the amount of dust and type of dust and pollutants in the room. then in a short time as the Air Purifier started to clean the air, the colour started to change from red to orange then to yellow and later green and showing the level of air quality.

Some extra testing of LG PuriCare (AS95)

All this time I was really wondering, was this all gimmick to prove the product cleaning the air in the room. So to test the product to prove it’s mark and quality, I did some multiple tests with the LG PuriCare (AS95) and kept it switched on.



A) Checking the Pollutant Sensor

As you are aware, when you switch on the Air conditioner after a long period of time, there is always an amount of dust and pollutants comes out of the air vents. On multiple occasions, I switched off and then switched on the home air conditioner and each time there was a rise in the level of the air pollutants and the air purifier did extra work to bring done the air pollutant level.



There is a smart function the LG PuriCare (AS95) which will work with different speeds as per the requirement of the air cleaning required in the room.

B) Checking the Odor Sensor

So to test the product Odor sensor, I did a simple test of vaping in the room, spraying perfume and burning incense sticks on multiple occasions in the room. Each time the Odor Sensor reacted and changed the color to Red and slowing turning to green as the fragrance/smell disappeared from the room.

Internet of Things (IoT)



The LG PuriCare (AS95) connected to my Wi-Fi with the downloaded App SmartThinQ from the Google Play Store. With a simple click of the procedure, I could connect the LG PuriCare (AS95) under the Appliance section. With the product selected, I started receiving data from the air purifier which included the quality of air, status of the air filter. The app gave me options mode – Booster, single, dual or smart. Also, I could switch on Ionizer, swing and control the light and of course switch On and Off.

There are additional options to check the history of the air quality in graphics mode, in a day, week, month or year. Also if there is a problem you can choose smart diagnosis which can help the consumer on using the product and you can take online help from LG help desk team.


After using for almost 20 days, I checked the air filter and I could find fine dust particles on the air filter (can’t say about the micropollutants and in the inside layers of Air Filter). It is a perfect product for people who have the dust allergy and asthma patients. Especially when you have a baby in the house and you are worried about the germs and dust around your kid.



The product is on the expensive side but I hope with the technology advancement the product can become affordable for everyone. But again sometimes price doesn’t matter when it comes to health for a lot of people.

So as for me, the product worked very well and I would like to say to people who can afford to buy this product, is a worthy product.

Price & Color of the LG PuriCare (AS95)

The LG PuriCare (AS95) – AED 5,249 (including VAT)

Colour – White

Air Filter of the LG PuriCare (AS95)



The replacement cost of each Filter?

Each Air Filter cost AED 399 (inclusive 5% VAT).

Where can a consumer buy the replacement filter?

In the UAE, it is available at any LG Brand shops (Dubai Mall, Mirdiff City Center, Sharjah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi) and Al YOUSUF Service Centre

What is the life of the air filter?

Based on a 10-hour usage per day, it can last up to 1 year. Also, you can check more about the filter, it’s life & maintenance thru the smart application SmartThinQ.


LG PuriCare 360° Airpurifier (Model - AS95)

AED 5,249



Build Quality






Value for Money