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Release Date: 28th March, 2018
Technology: Android Nougat 7.0 (32 Bit)
Uses: Smartphone for calls, social media, broad daylight photography, Wireless earphones for taking calls and listening to music while travelling and instant wireless smartphone charging with wireless power bank
Hardware: , ,


XTouch GIft Pack is value for the price, costing only AED819, you get smartphone + Wireless Earphones & Wireless charging Power Bank. Smartphone design, quality and features are good. The Wireless Earphones are worth the deal and Wireless charging power bank is good with Qi charging feature.


The XTouch X Smartphone is not performance oriented product compared to design and sturdiness, The phone has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM (Storage), Need to buy microSD card to increase the memory. The Wireless Charging power bank built quality is not that great compared to wireless earphone, wish the top charging part had anti skid rubber to hold the phone in place for charging.
Our Review

XTOUCH Gift package is good for the people who are interested to buy mid range smartphone with latest feature of Wireless charging and also get Wireless Earphones and Wireless charging power bank and all this at AED819. Epspecially the installment offers from XTouch and discount for students.

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XTOUCH is a leading smartphone brand providing high-quality and innovative electronic products at affordable prices. Headquartered in Dubai, XTOUCH operates its sales network across parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa. XTOUCH products have been sold in over 25 countries. Its focus is on building a mutually beneficial solution with partners and providing cost-efficient products that go beyond the expectations of the end-users.

So continuing with their tradition of providing Hi-End features in technology in affordable price, XTouch gave me the XTouch Package which was released 28th March, 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

XTouch X special wireless package includes XTouch X Smartphone + XTouch Wireless Earphones – SH01 and Wireless smartphone charging power bank – WP01 and packed together for AED 819. This offer is specially for UAE customers so far.

You can buy it on installment directly from XTouch online website and student gets discount on purchase of the gift pack.

Coming back to the review of the XTouch Gift Pack, I have the reviewed each individual product separately and have provide individual product rating. But as this a gift pack bundled together, the article has overall reviewed mentioned on the top of the article.

XTouch X Smartphone Review



XTouch X Smartphone is mid range smartphone targeted towards students and low budget income people. People can also buy the smartphone for AED699 with wireless headset SH01.

Body & Design

XTouch X Smartphone has 156.6 x 71.3 x 9.2 mm in with a streamlined body and shining finish with 2.8D curved edges, slim bezel and metal frame. The IPS HD+ display screen with 18:9 aspect ratio stretches from top to bottom and completely widens the front vision. It weighs 195 grams with the battery. The product I have received is shiny black color so it is finger print magnet. It better to use the transparent cover provided with the smartphone. It has Dual SIM capability with one slot can be used to expand you memory (upto 128GB) as the built in memory is 16 GB. The SIM tray is on the right hand side of the smartphone. On the left side we have the volume rockers and power button.  The top side has the 3.5mm head phone jack and bottom side we have the speaker, MicroUSB  input for charging and data transfer and a mic.


The fingerprint button located at the back of the phone enables a quick unlock in only 0.3s. The 8MP back camera built-in SONY chipset with a LED Flash light for low light shots. The rear 8.3 Mp camera gives 3840 x 2160 size image and front camera is 5.3 Mp  with 3072 x 1728 size image. The front camera is also supported with LED flash. Both the camera has Beauty app enabled with HDR function. It also has face detection feature. The rear camera has panoramic record function. Along with beauty function, it also supports google beauty function were you can do bit changes to you face or body with preset functions of body tweaking or face like the chin or skin.

Storage & Power & Connectivity

The XTouch X smartphone comes with 2800 mAh battery which can last you for day on average usage. The Operating system on XTouch X smartphone is Nougat 7.0 (32 bit). It has MT6737H Quadcore ARM-A53 1.3GHz which provides a resolution of 720 x 1440 with pixel density 282 ppi. It has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM.

The most important feature of the XTouch X smartphone is the Wireless charging function which uses the QI charging technology to charge the smartphone. It has Bluetooth function, Wi-Fi but does not have NFC option.

Review & Conclusion on XTouch X Smartphone

XTouch X Smartphone is value for money smart device which has wireless charging function which normally would find it on the Hi-end smartphones. The screen size is big and 2.8 curved glass gives a rich looks compared to the price. The body is sturdy and metal frame makes it strong and curved edges  can avoid damages from sudden drop upto certain point.



Camera function is considered a important element in purchase of smartphone. XTouch X rear 8.3 Mp F/2.2 camera fair good in the broad daylight but did not appeal to me in room light condition as image has lot of noise which I could reduced with beauty function but didn’t look genuine. Same I felt for the Selfie front 5.3Mp F/2.2 camera.  On HDR mode on on the rear camera got a better image in room light but as mentioned while clicking, needs to be stable and hold for 2-3 secs for clear shot. The screen touch response for focus on subject was average.

In gaming I have loaded and played Asphalt Nitro Demo and the graphics was good without any jitters or any lag and also the smartphone didn’t heat up.

The response between the apps in opening and closing was pretty good. On the multiple Benchmark test is performed average mark which you would get on mid range and lower end smartphone. Also good thing the temperature of the smartphone during benchmark was around 39 degrees which great compared other smartphones I have tested.

XTouch X Smartphone review on glance

Design – 4

Build – 4

Quality – 4

Usability – 3.5

Features – 3.5

Performance – 3

Value for Money – 4


XTOUCH Wireless Earphones SH01



The XTouch SH01 Wireless Earphones which is a neck support type earbud headset. The product which I have got is the matt grey color silicon finish with XTouch logo on the left ear. SH01 headset comes as bundled in the special package offer and also if you are buying with the XTouch X smartphone.

The left ear piece has the microUSB charging port and has the multi functional power button and for calling via Bluetooth and also the volume rockers which also acts as the control for play, stop and change songs. The left ear piece also had the HD mic for communication via bluetooth. It is use Bluetooth v 4.1 and has good working time of 4hours on usage and with 150 hours on standby and it can work up to 10 meters range without any obstruction. It take around 2hours from zero to full charge. It comes along with 3 preset of silicon earbuds.

Review & Conclusion for XTOUCH Wireless Earphones SH01

XTouch in past has given pretty good headsets with their smartphones and maintain their standards of quality with keeping the product in the affordable range. XTouch Wireless Headset SH01 has done the same. The built quality the feel of silicon grey color matt finish makes the product rich and comparable to any mid range earphones. Now coming to sound quality, I have tried with my sample of music which varies from Jazz, Country, Electronic and Classical. The quality of sound was good for the value of the product and did not disappoint me.

Calling and music quality was good and response of the buttons were good. The headset fits perfectly on your ears with required change of the silicon earbuds.

The XTOUCH Wireless Headset SH01 cannot be charged wireless, it has to be charged with microUSB  input and I am not so sure that the earphones are splash and dust proof.

It is very good product compared to certain brands in the past have provided earphones in the similar price range.

XTOUCH Wireless Headset SH01 review on glance

Design – 4

Build – 4

Quality – 4.2

Usability – 3.5

Features – 3.5

Performance – 3

Value for Money – 4


XTOUCH Wireless Charging Power Bank



This is first time as known brand to bring a product such as the Wireless Charging Power Bank – WP01 for the UAE market and bundled in the package.  It has 2550 mAH battery with LED light and also shows the battery level. It has 2 USB Type A output, one Micro USB input and One USB Type C input to charge the power bank. It has two LED light indicator, green and Red.

The most important it has Qi charging output marked with circular disc in the center.

Review of XTOUCH Wireless Charging Power Bank – WP01

The Power bank charged 100% in half hour, on placing the Xtouch X Smartphone at 20% battery level. It took  around 35 mins to fully charge the smartphone.

The built quality of the power bank is average compared to the Smartphone and earphones. It has semi matt plastic body with shiny plastic metal frame on the side. The smartphone intend to slide if not kept on flat surface, wish they would have given a silicon rubber on the top side to make it anti skid. But for the value as package at AED819, it is good deal.



Also the smartphone has to be placed exactly on the circle of the charger or else it will not charge and the charging indicator gets hidden below the smartphone while charging. Thanks to Qi Charging technology the smartphones charged through the transparent protective cover on the smartphone.

XTOUCH Wireless Charging Power Bank – WP01 review on glance

Design – 3.5

Build – 3

Quality – 2.5

Usability – 3.75

Features – 3.5

Performance – 3

Value for Money – 3.5


Overall XTOUCH Package Conclusion

XTOUCH Package which includes XTouch X Smartphone, XTouch Wireless Earphones & XTouch Wireless Charging Power Bank is good buy for people who are not interested to spend too much money on smartphone and have the wireless feature in their budget.



XTouch X Smartphone is not performance oriented device but good device for people who are interested in Social media, average gaming and broad daylight photography. Wireless Earphones are worth in the deal with the finish and decent sound quality and added to the feature you get Wireless charging power bank. So when you are travelling you can charge your smartphone wireless and also help you friends to charge their phone with USB Type A output.

There maybe issue with the 16GB storage space and I would suggest to use additional microSD card in dual SIM Card Tray which you use upto 128 GB cards.

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