Tomb Raider 2018 - poster

Review of Movie Tomb Raider – 2018

It is good movie to watch and especially you have played Tomb Raider game and seen the earlier movies. The New Tomb Raider actress doesn't have the sex appeal looks like Angelina Jolie but a tough girl with fighting will power...

Spiderman Homecoming Poster

Review of Spiderman: Homecoming ( 2017)

A big thanks to @NovoCinemas, #NovoLeagueExclusive, #spideyAtNovo, #Spidermanhomecomingme #sonypictures and look forward to hear from you guys…. Thanks for the invite. I was earlier not big fan of Spiderman series as there s...

Overdrive 2017

Review of Movie Overdrive (2017)

If you are movie buff, you will find the movie lot of elements of Fast & Furious, Gone in 60 seconds and many other movies. I would call it good food platter with mixture of different movie elements brought together and served ...

The Mummy (2017)

Review of The Mummy (2017)

The movie started very well, then in the middle onward lost its charm and looks like director and script writer wanted to finish the movie. With Tom Cruise has a lead who has given awesome work in the past, the director could n...