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61/ 100

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Length: 1h 29m
Release Date: 10th August 2017 (UAE)
Studio: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures & Gulf film
Storyline: Young sisters (Lisa and Kate) are on a vacation in Mexico and they come across 2 local youths and who tell them about diving in cage in shark infested waters. Which they agree and while doing the dive, the cable of the cage snaps and bottom down to the ocean floor at 47 meters. They have to survive from hunger sharks and also from dwindling supply of oxygen.
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What We Liked:

Good movie for low budget movie, got jump scares, not over done and use of shark attacks. Story has different angle and not only sharks. Good cinematography, good direction

What We Disliked:

The story line too short and could have more elements to build up the story. Middle of the movie felt little sluggish
What We Thought

Kudos to the director Johannes Roberts who has known for creating low budget movies. My expectation was a tacky bad quality shark attack based movie which we come across so many in the past. But the storyline is different, as it is not about shark attack but also survival with dwindling supply of oxygen. There were jump scares which I felt more, as the viewers around me added extra scare sound effects include a lady beside me left her seat and never came back. The murky depth of the ocean scene added more intense moments while watching the movie. The plot of the movie is small and could have expected to be tighter, as somewhere in between the movie felt little sluggish, I wish the story could have added more elements or scenes.
Watch it in the theater as 90% of the movie in under water with dark scene which can enjoyed only in theaters. #NovoCinemas

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A big thanks to @NovoCinemas, #NovoLeague, #47metersdown, #47metersdownme, @Gulffilm and look forward to hear from you guys…. Thanks for the invite.

If you have already the trailer of the movie, you can get good idea, the movie about sharks and survival from dwindling supply of oxygen.

Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) young sister have come to Mexico for a vacation and especially Lisa who is heartbroken as her boyfriend has left her. Kate takes charge to make her sister happy and they go out partying at late night and meet two local boys who speak about the diving in the safe cage in shark infested waters. They decide to go for it and in the morning they reach the jetty were they get introduced to Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine) and his assistant. They falsify that they know scuba diving and agree to go in a rusty cage to see the sharks. While diving in the rusty cage Lisa and Kate have been told by Captain about the depth meter and oxygen reading and precautions. The cage is dangled inside shark infested waters around 5 meters and they have their first time experience of seeing 20 foot long lurking great white sharks around them. While cage has been pulled up on request of Lisa, the cable snaps and with the whole cage along with the Rig, they plummet down to the ocean floor at 47 meters. This were actual story starts were sisters are stuck in a rusty heavy cage and outside roams great white hunger sharks and oxygen supply is limited.

The Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) did pretty good job but felt some places little over acting. There are some nice jump scary moments like the ocean floor dark murky water which added more intense as you can can’t see beyond certain distance and suddenly a shark comes out of nowhere. The sisters can’t go up fast to the surface as due to decompression sickness and also hunger sharks lurking around them. Also another situation where the oxygen in the cylinder is depleting fast.

For low budget movie, it is visually being appealing and I wished certain places the sound could have been better, especially while sisters are talking to each other with oxygen mask on and vocals are murky. It is understood director wanted real sound effect but was not that great. The background music was average. There is twist in the end, which I liked the idea and nicely done, so kudos to the director and story writer and off course good job done by Mark Silk (director of photography).

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